— Project Talaria


We had a great run up and over Mt. Finlayson and linking onto the Gowlland-Tod trails. There was fresh snow on top of the mountain and on most of the trails surrounding Mt. Finny. Right at the turnaround point we ran into somewhat of a blizzard. This excited us, being the snow deprived southern B.C kids that we are. We were testing out some new fueling on the trail (Larabar). This was mainly due to the recent 2 for 1 sale Thrifty’s was having 😉 The peanut butter flavour really satisfied around the 2:30 mark. Something to chew on was a nice break from the gels. It digested fairly easily and kept us running strong.

We didn’t think things through very well, as descending Mt. Finlayson in snowy conditions after 3+ hrs of running proved a poor choice. I was slipping and sliding all over the place and ended up bashing my shin on a rock somehow. Dave was running behind me unscathed, probably wondering what he was doing running with this yahoo. Perhaps I’m just clumsy. Above are some cell phone photos we snapped on the run as well as a glamour shot of my shin puffed up like a balloon and the bruisy aftermath 1 week later.

Until next time, woo!



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