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Just a quick post about last Sunday’s long run on the trails of Saltspring Island.  Dave is back from Boulder and we’re both excited to get out for some longer weekend runs.  I have hiked many of Saltspring’s trails but never run any real long runs that connect these trail systems together. It was an exciting proposition to see how much of the island we could cover on foot.

This Saltspring morning began like any other for Dave and I, with a bright and early start to our run stop at Saltspring Roasting Company for coffee and delicious treats.

We drove out to Channel Ridge to begin the adventure. The early morning light was amazing and it was shaping up to be a gorgeous day on the trails. We started the run by exploring many of the Channel Ridge trails before connecting into Duck Creek Park off lower Sunset. From there we ran up Vesuvius Bay Rd and down to Quarry Dr which has a trailhead right at the end. We ran the short (but awesome) connector trail from Quarry Dr to Baker Rd.  By this point we were about 2hrs into the run so we decided to stop at the golf course to top up our water supply.  From there it was some road running down Booth Canal Rd. and then out Collins Rd. To the Mt. Erskine trailhead. We ascended Mt. Erskine and were rewarded at the top with some beautiful views. We continued down the backside of Mt. Erskine, eventually linking onto Maxwell Rd. We took the road partway up Maxwell before ducking into some trails to the left.  The Maxwell trails are some of the best I’ve ever run, absolutely amazing scenery and trail running! A quick stop at the lookout on top of Maxwell before descending down the backside into Burgoyne Bay. We continued out Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park and started climbing Mt. Bruce. We reached an amazing vista on the west side of Mt. Bruce where we decided it was time head back to Burgoyne and call it a day. We were both running low on water and fuel by this point. Final tally for the run was approx 5.5 hrs run time and just over 42k in distance with over 6000 ft in elevation gain. We called our emergency medi-vac rescue team (my dad), who graciously picked us up in Burgoyne Bay.

Here is a link to the GPS data from the run:



All in all a great day of running on Saltspring. We’re excited to explore more of the island (Mt. Tuam, Musgrave, Isabella, Ruckle) on future runs.




Until next time… Keep fit and have fun!



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