— Project Talaria

Epic Training Montage!

Matt and Dave are excited! Leadville is fast approaching! We leave for Colorado next week! We’ve been running our tails off to get ready for this adventure and loving every minute of it.

We’re running the Leadville 100 in the name of the Live it! Love it! Foundation. These people are are a constant source of inspiration for us. Please take the time to visit their website and see what they are about. If you can spare $5, $10, $20, anything really, it would go along way in making it possible for them continue the amazing work they do. Donations can be made through paypal, via the link at the top of our website.

When we started on this crazy training adventure we talked of all the videos we would edit and upload along the way. It turns out video editing is really hard. After realizing this, we regrouped and decided on making a single training video encapsulating our training and the awesome adventures we’ve had along the road to Leadville. Prepare thineself… This is that video. (Be sure to watch it in HD)

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