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Life at 10,000ft

Hello everyone from Breckenridge CO. A quick recap of our trip so far. We’re relaxing, acclimating to the higher elevation and generally have a really good time.

Dave, myself and our good friend Kyle (who will be crewing me at Leadville) left Victoria on the Coho ferry bright and early on August 7th. We had made the decision to basically drive straight through to Colorado. The trip took about 30 hours total including stopping for food, gas etc. We took shifts driving and had a makeshift bed set up in the back of the Element (now named the Silver Eagle). This arrangement worked really well as we all got enough sleep so as to be fresh for our next driving shift. The route took us through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and finally Colorado. None of us had made this drive before so it was exciting to see the new landscapes and cities.

The day after we arrived, Dave and I got out for a run to stretch our legs and move some blood around after such a long time being in the car. The run was a nice test to see how much the altitude would affect us. Things went well, we both felt good on the run, albeit a little out of breath. If you’ve never worked out at altitude (like me) it’s tough to describe the effects. The most obvious change was that I’m out of breath faster than I would be at sea level. Start running… out of breath. Walk up some stairs… out of breath. The effects aren’t crippling by any means and it’s encouraging to know that it will improve with each passing day (the reason we planned to be here 11 days before the race).

Yesterday we volunteered at the Leadville 100 Mtn Bike race. It was a great chance to get on the course, do some hiking and watch some incredible athletes push themselves to the brink. After directing traffic at an early turn on course we made our way to the famous Powerline climb. The top of the climb is about mile 80 of the course. It was incredible to watch the rider’s determination from this vantage point. We’re now more excited than ever to have our crack at the course.

Today we did our first big workout since being here. We hiked up to 13,000+ feet on Peak 10 here in Breckenridge.  It was a great chance to feel the effects of higher altitude. Hiking up there is challenging. It’s quite easy go anaerobic and difficult to get one’s heart rate back under control once it’s become elevated. We learned a lot soaked up the beautiful views.

Other than that we’re doing our best to take care of ourselves with good food, sleep, foam rolling and lounging in the sun.

Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

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