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Yaar, time for an update!

Technically it will be the end of the 2012 running season for me. It feels a whole lot more like the start of my 2013 season however. In one week I’ll be running my 6th ultra distance race, Rainshadow Running’s Deception Pass 50k. Looks to be a beauty of a course. Lots of single track, much of it along the ocean.

It’s been a bit of a strange ride the last few months. I had abdominal surgery in October which sat me down for three weeks of recovery. It’s never easy to stop running entirely but this break was planned, making it a little easier to process. I like to think my legs were due for some “real” time off anyway after my first season of Ultrarunning and the corresponding increase in mileage.

Dave has been having lingering knee issues since dancing with the cruel mistress we call Leadville. After a few tough months I’m so happy to report he’s back out on the trails. After Deception Pass we’re both planning to be at the start line for the February gem that is The Orcas Island 50k.

Last year my focus was running more and being injured less. A simple target. For the most part I accomplished both by including more rest in my schedule while targeting specific hard workouts each week. My game plan for 2013 is similar but with the addition of some distinct phases of training, each with a unique focus. This plan will culminate with my next 100 mile race, The Zion 100, April 19th in Utah.

I’ve never known much about running except that I love it. This ideal has been magical though for me it hasn’t come without its share of injuries. Having never been coached and being late to the running party I feel I’m lacking some fundamental knowledge of physiology, training plans and the like. Lately I’ve trying to fill those gaps by reading books by running legends, attempting to soak up their knowledge en masse. One book that really hit a home run for me was “Daniel’s Running Formula”. I now find myself right in the middle of my first ever “base building” phase. You know what? I love it. I’m more focused on training than ever before. It feels great to have a game plan, believing in the training I’m conducting. An increased understanding has made it easier for me to relax and build slowly, trusting the process.

This week I will again try to perfect the art of the race taper. I’m eager to test myself against what will surely be another tough course courtesy of Rainshadow Running. Dave will be filming all the madness from the sidelines. You know what that means… Another forthcoming  masterpiece from the Project Talaria video labratory!

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