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Spring Thaw

Here we go! Let’s wake this website up…

First and most importantly, I want to congratulate Dave and let everyone know he is back running strong and feeling good.

He’s overcome a lot of challenges these last few months. It was inspiring to see his outlook through those times when running wasn’t an option. He stayed calm about it and got the help he needed, educating himself on the causes of the breakdowns in his body. I’ve asked him to write a piece about his experiences with the running injury as I think it would be a very good read. Cmon Dave!

So now that we’re both running strong and healthy, it was only natural to choose a few more long and beautiful footraces to challenge ourselves with. My next big one is a hundred miler on April 19th in Utah. The Zion 100. I knew I wanted to get back on the 100 mile horse sooner than later after my Leadville debacle, this meant an early season race. I also knew I’d like my next 100 miler to be closer to sea-level, so as to eliminate the highly volatile altitude variable. The Zion course looks absolutely breathtaking. Lots of running through desert valleys and on top of mesas. The photos from the course look other-worldly, something like Mars. I’m running 100 miles on Mars. The race is 5 weeks away and I’m very excited to say the least. To go to Mars.

Dave chose a later season 100k race for his next “big one”. Smartly he is giving himself lots of prep time and opportunities to run “shorter” 50k and 50 mile events before tackling 100kms. His race is the Ultra Race of Champions in Vail Colorado. Sept. 28. We ran in this area on our trip to Leadville. The trails are incredible. This race promises to be as scenic as they come. He also gets to toe the line with a who’s who of Ultra Running talent, as UROC is an unofficial world championship race. The best of the best will be there. I think Dave is suicidal a tough SOB tackling another race at high altitude. If anyone can get it done with a smile, it’s Dave.

Soon I will post a recap of some recent 50k winter races that I’ve taken part in. We’ve had a winter full of great people, great running and of course great FOOD. Spring is coming, I think it’s fair to say bring on the sun, singlets and sandals!

We’ve also been doing a lot of filming so look out for more videos emerging from the Project Talaria Laboratories.

That’s all for now. The trails call…

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