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The 10% Principle

Project Talaria has transitioned. Somewhat by accident.

It started as a pact between friends, adventuring into unknown places, covering unknown distances by foot, with the simple goal of raising some money for a friend who inspires us.

We began documenting our adventures through film. We somehow fumbled our way into a great partnership with Rainshadow Running as well as Mountain Madness and their Fat Dog 120 race. It has worked, we are still exploring, geographically, athletically, and now creatively. Film has become an exciting division of Project Talaria that we intend on pursuing.

We realized however that our original goal of charitable fundraising was becoming less transparent. How could we connect our new adventures in film back to our original goal of raising money for our friend Jeff Scott and his Live it! Love it! Foundation? Between the cost of equipment and travel expenses, any money we were paid for film work had been spoken for long before.

In search of a simple way to pay if forward, while our journey continues to no doubt wind and weave, we’ve decided on a simple, core principle:

10% of all revenue generated through our film production is donated directly to the Live it! Love it! Foundation.

This money will help more things like this happen.

Live it! Love it!

Rock on Live it! Love it! Rock on.

This allows the charitable side of Project Talaria to move alongside any professional growth we might achieve.

We will also continue to accept direct donations for the Live it! Love it! Foundation on our website.

Despite our best intentions, the blog/information side of PT has slipped a bit while the film side demanded more attention. We intend to get back on track with our writing, sharing our experiences not only through film, but also through text.

Keep on smiling folks! Onward, upward!



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