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Javelina Jundred Race Video!

Aint’ no party like a Javelina party!!!

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  1. Breno says: February 14, 20168:49 am

    You are doing the right thing to get ready for JJ. Even if it was only planned as a early monring run at 1:15 to avoid the sun it really will help you during the night hours at JJ. Don’t underestimate how much of a factor the night also plays in slowing down your progress so any practice at it is a good thing. It also teaches your body to run tired and how to deal with unfortunate circumstances that arrive during the 100. I know the feeling of how hard the four mile run is, I have been stuck in that 4-7 mile rut since last Saturday. I am ready to go long but my ankles still need a few more days. keep up the good work.

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