— Project Talaria

Business TimeWe are two friends from a little Island on B.C.’s beautiful west coast. We run, a lot. We also smile, a lot. We have both discovered a great connection with running, specifically running long and far.  We came across this common passion at separate times in our lives but it has lead us to a very similar pursuit. To run for ourselves, each other, and those countless inspirational people who surround us. We both grew up with an appreciation for our family, friends and environment and are creating a means of nurturing, enjoying and supporting all of these things simultaneously.



I started running shortly after I started walking. I loved it right away! My running has taken on a much different form in the 20 something years that followed but the function has remained. Running is my expression of pure joy. After pursuits in the gym, on the bike and navigating the multi-sport scene I have found a solace in a pair of runners and shorts ,on a trail, in the woods. The simplicity of it is something that I try to apply to daily living. The move towards Ultra-distance running has been the product of a simple equation.

If: (Me running) = (joy and fulfillment) Then it would stand to reason that:  (Me running) for a REALLY long time = (Joy and Fulfillment) For a REALLY long time!



Gorge_finishI started running in 2007 quite literally from a standstill. I fell in love with the trails after connecting with the good folks at Mike Suminski’s trail running group. Four months later I found myself at the start line of my first marathon. Since that race I’ve been hooked on the process and subsequent rewards that come with pushing my body further than I knew it could go. I am grateful to have running in my life as it provides me so many wonderful opportunities. Physically, emotionally, socially.  I am in awe of the human body and its ability to learn, excited see how far and fast I can go.

I provide personalized coaching services. If interested in discussing this further, please send a message via the website’s contact form.