— Project Talaria

Dave and Matt are honoured to help raise money and awareness for the Live it! Love it! Foundation.

The foundation’s website does a better job than we can of describing their awesomeness. Please visit for more info, pictures and videos. Here is a brief description of the foundation, taken from their website:

“Live It! Love It! works to inspire both the disabled and able-bodied communities to work together to make the impossible possible, challenge themselves and believe in their potential.

By facilitating adventure and outdoor recreation opportunities we hope to encourage a deeper connection with the outdoors and inclusion of disabled adventurers within the action sports and outdoor communities.

Individuals who have recently sustained disabling injuries are provided with functional and therapeutic benefits of being outside, connecting with others and accomplishing goals.”

*10% of all revenue generated through film production is donated directly to the Live It! Love It! Foundation. 

 *We also accept direct donations for the Live It! Love It! Foundation through the link on our homepage.

Please support this great cause!