— Project Talaria

Through this website we will document our training and racing endeavours, while sharing our thoughts along the way. Through film, we will showcase our own adventures, as well as tell the stories of others. In the process, we will work to raise money and awareness for the Live it! Love it! Foundation.

Join us on the journey!


The Concept:

Project Talaria started as a “let’s do something big” call out between two friends. Quickly maturing into a “let’s do something big and and make it count” endeavor, the project exists as a means to support others while trying to achieve a variety of personal goals. We want to take the positive energy and excitement we get through running and channel it into something tangible. We aim to document as many of our adventures as possible through film. We also love working with others to bring their stories and events to life through film.

Run. Far.

We aim to train for and run the most challenging events the world over. The swell in Ultra-distance running polularity provides endless opportunities for participation on various levels. Whether it’s trail blazing in our own British Columbia backyards, or Ultramarathoning on a different continent, we want to be out there doing it.

Run. For Others.

We are often asked what inspires us to run. We want to showcase the many answers to this question and give our inspirations the recognition and help they deserve. Through our running, we aim to raise awareness and funding for wonderfully inspirational people and causes.

Run. In Nature.

Trail running enables us to experience a strong connection to our natural surroundings. Through our adventures we hope to encourage others to seek out their own personal connection to the environment, whatever form it may take. We also aim to support and promote the individuals and programs working to preserve the natural environments we so much enjoy.

Run. Forever.

Having both dealt with our own personal health and weight issues in the past, we have each individually transformed those areas of our lives. We are lucky to have found something that we love to do that also keeps us healthy. We hope to inspire others to find that element or activity that fosters the same benefit.

Our unbelievable support network can’t be thanked enough. More than anything, it is the co-operation and support of our wonderful families, friends and colleagues that have kept our original goal in very plain sight.

All told, we are pretty pumped about it.


Matt Cecill and Dave Melanson – “Project Talaria”